Get Motivated with over 400

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Defined Fitness offers a wide range of exciting classes to choose from including E-L Challenge, E-L Conditioning, E-L for Women and more! 

Get Motivated with Over 400
Weekly Classes

The Easy Line collection is designed for the millions of people who want to lose weight and improve their health and physical condition, but are intimidated or dissatisfied by traditional strength training equipment especially when combined with large crowds.


Our Easy Line classes are held in a private circuit training studio and are complimentary with your membership. The Easy Line equipment uses hydraulic resistance pistons to provide extra support while exercising making it ideal for users of all ages. Nine separate pieces of equipment create a unique 30-minute circuit training area that offer participants cardiovascular and strength training with a high rate of calorie expenditure.

E-L Challenge

A circuit class designed to improve functional balance and stability utilizing a wellness balance pad.  

E-L Conditioning

A circuit class designed for building a foundation of strength training for muscle conditioning and cardiovascular training to strengthen the heart and lungs. Intervals utilize a wellness step.

E-L Core Training

A circuit class designed to build core muscle conditioning and stabilization and utilizing a wellness ball.

E-L for Women

A circuit class program designed for women only.

E-L Young at Heart

A circuit class program designed for the Young at Heart (for senior members).