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We Just Opened our 8th Club!

We are so thrilled that we have opened up our 8th club in New Mexico! This makes it the second club that we have opened in 2 months of one another and the third opened in one year!  We have some big plans for the communities of New Mexico and we are excited to have you on this amazing journey with us!

All Inclusive Membership

Experience the best in health in fitness including access to over $1 million in equipment in each club, turf functional training areas, indoor/outdoor workout spaces, pool, saunas, free childcare, group exercise, cycling, hydro-massage and more!

Access to 8 Clubs

Your membership at Defined Fitness includes access to eight clubs across New Mexico. We’ve opened three new clubs in the last year and we now service the Farmington, Santa Fe, Bernalillo and Albuquerque communities. 

Newest Amenities

You can now enjoy hydro-massage at our newest clubs. This innovative recovery treatment uses high-pressure water massage to relax your muscles after a hard workout. This new amenity is included standard with your Defined Fitness membership. 

The Best in Health and Fitness

While all gyms have weights, only the best offer a wide-variety of ways to help you stay fit. Every Defined Fitness membership includes access to our pool, saunas and wet areas.

Get Motivated with Group Fitness

Your membership includes access a wide variety of classes and the most inspiring instructors certified in programs that will meet every fitness need  including Les Mills, Yoga, Zumba, Cycling and more! 


As a company Defined Fitness continues our 33-year commitment to the health and wellness of our members and have taken proactive steps to keep our community safe in response to the recent outbreak of COVID-19, commonly known as the coronavirus.

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The All New Rio Club is Now Open

We are so thrilled for the opening of our newest club!

Get Back Into Group X

Get back into group fitness! We have over 200 classes amoung all of our 8 clubs! Click here for your clubs schedule!

The Capital Club is Santa Fe's #1 Gym

We are thrilled that we are helping the great community of Santa Fe focus on their fitness! Take the walk-through of one our newest gyms!