We want to help you accelerate your goals, so for a limited time you can purchase an intro package of personal training for ½ off. Our 3-pack of personal training will get you a introductory goal setting session with a personal training, a FREE InBody assessment to measure key metrics using the latest technology and three sessions with a personal trainer. This is only available for a limited time to ALL members.

InBody Assessement

Defined has invested in one of the best machines on the market to evaluate body fat %, muscle and bone density as well as cellular water levels. Your personal plan starts with an InBody assessement so you know exactly where you are and where you can go.


Goal Setting

Once you’ve completed your body composition analysis, your trainer will begin working with you to set goals and standards that are attainable. Equiped with your body scans, your trainer can recommmend daily food intake, calorie burn and create a goal oriented workout routine.


Tracking and Achieving

Your trainer will be with you through your training sessions and help you created workouts to do on your own. Using the InBody machine your trainer will be able to track your physical progress and through your workouts they will be able to track your functional progress.

Go All-In on yourself right now and decide to make a plan. Defined Fitness provides all the tools you need to make the changes you want. To learn even more, visit your nearest club and speak with a training manager.