We know many of you have loved coming back to the gym and using all our equipment. Give yourself a pat on the back if you kept up your fitness routines at home with park workouts and water jug weights. Nothing can compare to a gym full of $1 million in equipment! We have added new equipment to all our Defined Fitness clubs in the last year. If you are looking for a fresh new fitness routine, this month our personal training team will be walking you through some new routines every week using our newest gym equipment so you can refresh your workouts. Click here for new workouts.

Each week we will be adding new videos featuring fresh workouts lead by our Personal Training team.

Week 1 –

You can get a full body workout using the Synergy 360 available at our Bosque, Mesa, Rio and Capital Clubs. This incredible piece of equipment is one of the most functional pieces of gym equipment for a full body workout. From pull ups on the monkey bars, infinity rope pulls for your upper body, rebound ball throws and step ups you have an all-in one workout all using one piece of equipment. Watch a tutorial on how to use the Synergy 360 with Jordan, one of our incredible trainers at the Defined Fitness Rio Club.

Come back weekly for more tutorials on new equipment.

Week 2 – Cycling Intro

Get ready for bike season with indoor cycling. If you have never tried a class, our Group Exercise Manager Lawrence will help you get started with showing you all the key features of our new Schwinn Bikes and how to adjust your bike for the best riding experience indoors. We have intro classes at each of our clubs. You can find a full schedule of all our group exercise and cycling classes by clicking here or download our Defined Fitness App.

Week 3 – Outdoor Workouts

Did you know that we have outdoor workout areas at three of our Defined Fitness clubs? If you are loving the warm weather and want to take in the Vitamin D while working out our outdoor workout areas are the place to be in April. Jordan will show you some equipment you can use outside to get your workouts in. Tires, sleds, kettle bells, balls and more can be used outside! Watch this short video to see how you can work out outdoors at Defined Fitness.

Week 4 –

Sand Bags/Viper Sticks

Sand bags are one of the most power packed pieces of equipment that will help you use your entire body, engage your core and help you find ways to use your body you never thought possible. You can push, pull, lift, carry, squat and drag these bags for an incredible workout using only one piece of equipment.

Our Viper Sticks are one of the newest types of functional training equipment that we have available at our newest clubs. Don’t be intimidated, the Viper sticks are really easy to use and a great addition to your workout routines.

Watch this short video to see how you can incorporate Sand Bags and Viper Sticks into your workout.