January first is just a few weeks away but you can start working toward your resolution goals now. Below are a few tips to help you get setup to start heading toward your goals the right way.

Designate a Workout Buddy or Accountability Partner
Today you can decide who you want to bring into your fitness journey with you or who you are going to be accountable to in order to help you stay on track. Having a training partner is one of the best ways to stay on a regular routine of training and eating right. If you can’t find someone to workout with you then ask someone to hold you accountable. Have them ask you how your workouts and eating habits are going.

Make a Game Plan
Decide what your goals is and begin mapping out your route to success. If you want to gain muscle, decide what your routine will look like throughout the week and start a light version of that routine this week. If you want to lose weight then start planning what your meals are going to look like and how you are going to create your caloric deficit, whether that be by lifting, having a strong cardio routine or both with a focus on nutrition.

Know Where You’re Starting
To know how you are going to get to your goal you first have to know where you are starting. Knowing your current weight, body fat percentage or any other factor that you want change is essential. Know where you are so that you know where you are going. Just remember, though you may not like those starting numbers, you may never have to see them again.

Good luck on achieving your goals and remember the Defined Fitness team is here to help you. Ask a trainer for advice or schedule some training sessions. Take a group fitness class to find some like minded individuals or ask someone at the front desk how a piece of equipment works so you can be safe and comfortable during your workout routine.

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